Sunday, October 24, 2010

In my Sister

I am so thankful that each day I can wake up and know that somewhere along the way, and more than likely several times along the way, I will see evidence of my Creator.  It never ceases to amaze me how and where I see God in my day.  Some days, I may almost miss Him as I hurry from one place to another and check each item off my list.  Other days, He is displayed in such an obvious form, there is no way I can miss His presence.  Today I saw God in the form of a passionate and firey lady--my sister, Donna.  Now the two of us have never had a difficult time filling the silence with chatter ranging from our careers, our kids or our dreams.  However it seems our best discussions about faith, grace and mercy seem to spill forth when we are in the car.  On our way back from St. Louis today, we reiterated the incredible gift we have been given when Jesus died on the cross.  With all the trials we face today, how awesome it is to say that God came to save the whole WORLD.  That He died for ALL our sins and that HE wishes that none should perish but have everlasting life.  As I grow and learn about God's purpose and the way he achieved it, it just makes me love Him more.  It is so easy to get swept away in society's pace and goals they have deemed as successful and important and to forget that the world's goals are often not the ones that have been laid before us to fulfill.  We talked today about the people God chose to reach the world and to spread his word-it wasn't the affluent, leaders or people who had committed no wrongs.  It was a collection of people that today's society would consider not worthy of being a leader or have a chance of success; tax collectors, fisherman, murderers and shephards.  Ironic how He chose the unglorified positions to walk beside Him and trusted them to go forth into the nations to spread the most precious and life-changing message there would ever be; how he filled them with the ability to heal (when they had the knowledge and faith they could) the sick in His name and the boldness to teach people about the Messiah.  I don't know which disciple I parallel with the most, the one I would be most similar too if you compared us trait by trait. I do know this disciple is blessed to say that I experience Him on a day to day basis and if I am blind enough to have missed His presence during one of my crazy days, I only have to look inside myself and whisper hello and thank you.

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