Monday, January 10, 2011

Where I saw God the snow

As I was walking in the snow today, I was reminded of last year when we had a very similar day.  The boys were outside making snow angels and trying to make snow castles.  Much to their dismay, the snow was too wet and wouldn't hold it's shape. However, when the flakes landed on our deck, they were keeping their form and what we have always heard was true--no two snowflakes are the same.  Although similar, they each had their own uniqueness. 
Comparatively, we, as people, are the same. Even though we may look similar and have common interests, when it comes down too it, no two people are exactly the same.  I think I can speak this with even greater authority since I am an identical twin, one of a pair, half of a set. Looking back at pictures, I cannot tell which face belongs to me until I have checked the back to see if I was labeled as the toddler on the left or the right.  However, our parents could always tell us a part even though we looked like carbon copies because in their eyes we were two totally different kids.
Isn't it exciting to know that while God has a purpose for each of us and wants us to place Him first that He has made us each unique and an individual?  He has given each of us the choice to follow Him yet not dictated our path or made everyone's travels the same.  He has allowed us to grow and seek His plans for our life and like the special flurries we are always excited to see, we are a variety of faces and personalities.  Consider the following though.  As the snowflakes come together they are no longer individual flakes but a foundation that has been created by coming together as one. 
While it's fun to see the individual flurries fall from the sky, catch them on our tongue, and see them glisten in children's hair and eyelashes, most people would agree that the most fun and excitement comes when they meld together and become one large mass.  I think God views us in a similar fashion.  While He enjoys seeing us on a one-on-one basis and values this very much, I think He LOVES seeing His children, His creations, come together and not only worship Him but become stronger as a body of Christ.  So the next time I see flurries swirling about, I hope I remember to stop and be thankful for being a one of a kind design and also remember that I am even more valuable and interesting when I come together with the other flurries who have been sent down from above.

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  1. Oh wow, what a beautiful analogy and reflection. Well written.